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This is not a kit, just a straight-up supply of conductive tape with enough variety to encourage some experimenting.

C26: Copper: Conductive on both sides. Shiny on one side and sticky on the other. You will notice that the sticky side is much more conductive than many forms of copper tape which are labelled as having “conductive adhesive.” When you are cut the tape and then join a new piece to it, you won’t see a sharp drop in reliability as you will in some copper tape. This tape is much sturdier than the copper foil tape typically sold online for hobbies, and it comes on a liner (instead of stuck to itself in a roll). Keep in mind that, like all metal foil tapes, it can break if you crease it and then tug on it or bend it back and forth frequently, so I recommend using a little of the Z22 Nylon Conducti Tape for anything involving lots of bending and creasing (such as an on/off switch made with tape). 6  pieces, each 1/4″ x 8″

D34 Copper: conductive AND sticky on both sides–how cool is that? Great for sticking components down onto conductive ink such as Electroninks or Bare Paint.  6 pieces, each 1/4″ x 8

X44 Aluminum tape: This tape is coated with a clear polyester film which blocks electricity on the top surface. It is conductive on the sticky side. Use this tape when you want one piece of tape to cross over another without creating a short circuit. Or use it to join two pieces of cheapo copper tape that is only conductive on the shiny side (I don’t sell that at the moment). Or just use it when you want a pretty flash of silver. 6  pieces, each 1/4″ x 8″

Z22 Fabric tape: conductive in all directions, made of sturdy nylon, this is my go-to tape for most projects. I haven’t tested it at a really high amperage (current), so if you connected it to a wall outlet, that much current might cause the fabric tape to overheat and catch fire. I will run some tests soon, but in the meantime, switch to metal tape or get out some insulated wire for applications outside the ordinary! 6 pieces, each 1/4″ x 8″


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tape sampler

Conducti Tape sampler

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 10.5 × 7.5 × .8 in


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