Conducti Tape D34

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This Copper tape is conductive and sticky on both sides. Contains 24 pieces.

Where does it conduct? XYZ axis Conducts electricity along the length tape and from top to bottom (from one sticky side through to the other).
How sticky? 35oz/inSticky on 2 sides This tape could hold up to 35 oz of weight before it would peel away and fall.
How strong? 25 lb/in This copper foil tape can withstand 25 pounds of force without breaking.
How conductive? 4 The conductivity of this 1/4″ wide tape can be described as 4 on a scale where 1 = conductivity of 34-gauge wire and 280 = conductive thread.
Electrical resistance .01 ohms/sq.04 ohms/linear in. The electrical resistance is 0.01 ohm/square.That’s .04 ohms/linear inch for ¼” wide tape.


Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 14 × 10 × .75 in



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